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Sebastian Medlock

In 1998 he started Stockholms Golf Magazine and has now 22 years experience working within the golf segment. It was through the Golf magazine that he built up a vast network within the golf industry in Sweden, from Golf Club managers to golf pro´s and golf travel agencies.
This has also over the years resulted in a significant network around the world within the area of golf travel. In the year 2003 he started the Grand Open golf tournament. The Grand Open is an exclusive corporate golf event with 144 business leaders participating. The Grand Open is still successfully run today and is considered to be one of the most exclusive private corporate golf competitions in the Nordic Countries. Sebastian has also been involved in sales for Nordea Masters Village 2014 and he also organized the after golf venue on Lilla Torg. He has a long track record in organizing roadshow and events for airlines and tourist boards.

Telefonnummer: +46(0)768-510 558