The Tournament

Business, leisure and networking at an executive level has become the trademark of The Grand Open.
The Grand Open is not only an exclusive corporate golf event which affords companies the opportunity to network and profile themselves, it is also an excellent occasion to extend corporate hospitality by inviting your most valued customers.

Every year, according to tradition, the participants will be welcomed by a Scottish bagpiper, start kit and breakfast upon arrival.

During the tournament, in keeping with the spirit of the Grand Open, the participants will be supplied with both food and drink as well as being able to partake in the various sponsored challenges along the length of the course. The golfing activities will be followed by a champagne mingle and a gala dinner located central in Stockholm.

The evening will have entertainment and all the prizes in the Grand Open will be handed out in a raffle. 
It´s only the winner who has the honour to get his name engraved on the Grand Open trophy.

Grand Open Title Sponsors