The Grand Open International - Florida

a swedish touch to a noble game

The Grand Open Internationals aim is to create a yearly tradition focusing on Swedish residents in Florida and their fellow Americans.
Where they meet, bond and experience excellent Swedish cuisine and hospitality together

We want to build a stronger transatlantic business community fostering entrepreneurs from both countries to create new relations and bonds through networking. Business, leisure and networking at an executive level has become the trademark of The Grand Open which celebrated its 19th edition in September in Stockholm 2021.

The Grand Open will for the first time do a transatlantic event called the Grand Open International Florida. An exclusive event, welcoming Swedish residents in Florida and fellow Americans to meet and greet, play golf and enjoy excellent food together. The focus will be to highlight Swedish and American companies that have an interest in Sweden and/or Florida.

In the evening there will be a Gala banquet held at the club house which will be prepared by the widely acclaimed Swedish Chef, Nils Molinder who is flying in for the occasion.

We have chosen Jensen Beach Golf Club as it has a Swedish ownership.

"Succeeding in business is all about making connections"
Sir Richard Branson

Grand Open International 2022 Venue:
Jensen Beach Golf Club Date: 29 January

1. Golf and Gala Banquet package $260 / pers:
- Participation in the Grand Open International at Jensen Beach including gala dinner.
Subject to availability

2. Gala Banquet package $190 / pers:
- Includes 1 persons at gala dinner.
Subject to availability

3. Sponsor package $3.500:
- A representation marquee at one of the 18 tees presented with a representation disc and tee logo banners.

- Refrigerator and electricity can be supplemented.

- 4 player invitations plus 2 extra for the evening Gala Banquet.

- Access to the player and corporate participants register.

We look forward in welcoming you with to the Grand Open International, a Swedish hospitality at Jensen Beach Golf Club.

Contact: / +46(0) 768 50 558